World Bee Day 2020 🐝

World Bee Day 2020 🐝

Did you know May 20th is World Bee Day?!

World Bee Day originates from Anton Janša, the pioneer of beekeeping, who was born on this day in 1734 in Slovenia. But could you image a world with no bees? To put things in perspective of how important our buzzing little friends are, if we had no bees there would be no pollination; no full circle of food production; every 3rd bite on plate would disappear and they are vital to the world's ecosystem!


What about Australian Bees?

Here in Australia, the most common bees that we see buzzing around are called Australian Native Bees and if you look around during pollination season (early spring or summer) you'll probably see quite a few! 

Here's some fun facts about Australian Bees to help you celebrate World Bee Today in Australia 😊:

  1.  Australian Native Bees can come in all colours, they can be black, yellow, red, metallic green or even black with blue polka dots!
  2. Australia's smallest native bee is the Cape York's minute Quasihesma bee, it's less than 2mm long!
  3. Australia's largest native bee is the Great Carpenter Bee of the tropical north and northern NSW and can be found up to 24mm long!
  4. Australia's native bees are important pollinators of Australia's unique wildflowers and are a vital part of our Australian bushland.

Feeling Buzzed Out?

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